Join us for our Webinar on Thursday 19th March where we will explain how you can save your business, time, money and effort.

  • WEBINAR: Managing Security Standards
  • Date: 19th March 
  • Time: 10am

The Agenda for the webinar is as follows:

  • Why Cyber Security is no longer an IT Issue
  • Protecting your assets
  • Managing security standards
  • Introducing our ‘Value based Assessment Model’

2|SEC Consulting brings a new modern way of thinking that offers your business immediate and real, quantifiable benefits from day one.

Our ‘Value based assessment model’ was developed to provide a solution to the traditional, island approach to managing information security.

Problems such as a lack of effective and efficient collaboration, communication and control validation with an organisation, We unify your security architecture into one integrated system, providing a single compliance and assessment framework and thus increasing your control environment efficiencies whilst dramatically reducing your cost in time, complexity and money.

Presenter: Parminder Lall, Director of Cyber Security, 2|SEC Consulting

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