40% of home Wi-Fi users don’t understand security settings

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At least according to the ICO's recent online survey, results published last week (www.ico.gov.uk).

Taking a stroll down the local shopping mall a while back, it appears most retailers don't understand wireless security settings, either. A whopping 98% of visible devices in a 3-400 unit shopping mall appear to use WEP.

Fortunately, leading broadband providers offer helpful advice, such as:

“Please remember to use security for your wireless connection and choose a password that only you can remember or guess.” – thank you TalkTalk, I'll pass it on.

Yes, we all know WEP is broken, have advised companies to fix this, but somehow somewhere the industry doesn't think this is sexy any more. The media has moved on to data breaches, information leakage or the adulterous behaviour of footballers and I fear we are ignoring the problem as there are just more interesting things to focus on.

I'm glad to see the ICO pick this up and they've also published a short guide –

I'm guessing though, that the 40% of home Wi-Fi users that don't understand security settings, won't understand the security settings that this guide recommends.

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