Penetration Testing Experts

Next-Level Cyber Resilience

Seamless Security Across All Fronts

2|SEC brings together cutting-edge technology and top-tier expertise to provide a holistic approach to your cyber security needs.

Virtual CISO Services

No need for a full-time CISO. Get expert cyber security strategy and leadership, on-demand.

Security Awareness Training

Your team’s knowledge is the first line of defence. Empower them to spot and stop cyber threats.

Incident Planning & Response

Turn ad hoc chaos into coordinated action. Be prepared, not surprised, during security incidents.

Penetration Testing

Find vulnerabilities before they find you. Web app, infrastructure, and CHECK / CREST accredited services.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Identify weaknesses, neutralize threats, and protect your assets with precision and expertise.

Cloud Security

Sky-high data demands sky-high defences. Protect your cloud assets, ensuring agility meets security.

PCI DSS Certification

QSA expertise streamlines PCI DSS. Ensure payment security, build trust, and drive business growth.

Cyber Essentials

Elevate your defences, safeguard your reputation, and unlock access to government contract opportunities.

ISO 27001 Consulting

Achieve more than ISO 27001 compliance. Commit to data security and gain business resilience.

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