The Biggest Cyber Threats for 2020

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The Biggest Cyber Threats for 2020
The Biggest Cyber Threats for 2020

Research is drawn from 2|SEC Consulting’s Virtual CISO, Cyber Security Audit, Cyber Essentials and Penetration Test team engagements over 2019. The Top 5 Cyber Threats found:

  1. Passwords

You think your password is secure? Think again. Billions of user accounts and passwords have been compromised and reused by hackers. We will look at the mechanics and also ways to use passwords in a more secure way.

  1. Phishing

Be it through spoofed emails, text messages or impersonation through phone calls, credentials can be simple to acquire; and can be used against you. Whilst users will undoubtedly fall foul of phishing attacks, as they just like clicking on links, don’t let your whole organisation be taken down as a result!

  1. Malware / Ransomware

Ransomware is still the biggest money spinner for organised cybercrime gangs. It is rarely targeted. Don’t be a drive-by victim and leave your doors open.

  1. Software Vulnerabilities

Critical vulnerabilities are identified on a continual basis, which if exploited, could have devastating results. Organisations need a sense of urgency when it comes to patching; and this shouldn’t be seen as a low-level IT problem.

  1. Nation states and organised criminals

Attacks step up a level when financial resources are at the disposal of an adversary; and they are free to act without any threat of arrest. Cyber espionage on an industrial scale. If one hacker can do damage, think about what a team of 1000 state-sponsored hackers can do.

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