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Research is drawn from 2|SEC Consulting’s Virtual CISO, Cyber Security Audit, Cyber Essentials and Penetration Test team engagements over 2019. The Top 5 Cyber Threats found: Passwords You think your password is secure? Think again. Billions of user accounts and passwords have been compromised and reused by hackers. We will look at the mechanics and […]

Introduction to Penetration Testing

Introduction to Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, Pen Testing, Red Teaming, Security Assessment, IT Health Check and Ethical Hacking are common phrases that describe what we do, that ultimately all mean the same thing – whether or not a determined adversary can gain unauthorised access to...
2-sec penetration tests meet OWASP 2017 testing standards

A day in the life of a 2-sec penetration tester

Alexander Drabek is part of our team of expert penetration testers; who “ethically hack” into client’s networks and find any potential weaknesses. We asked him exactly what it is he does, and how he does it. What skills do you need to become a penetration tester? Many...