If you’re at all concerned with Cyber Attacks and the impact on your reputational risk, 2|SEC Consulting can offer a complimentary Cyber Security assurance consultation, aimed to raise awareness of Cyber Security at an executive level and share real-world experience as to how organisations have been able to improve.

Our FREE Cyber Security Health Check, includes a review of the following, in priority order. This is where we see the majority of issues with clients that we work with:

  1. Cyber Security Scope and Strategy
  2. Data Protection and Privacy
  3. Supply Chain, Cloud and Third Party Security
  4. Vulnerability and Patch Management
  5. Secure Software Development
  6. Configuration Standards and Secure Settings
  7. Incident Response
  8. Malware Protection
  9. Network Segmentation and Firewalls
  10. Access Control and Authentication
  11. Monitoring and Testing
  12. Information Security Policies

The review will provide you with a high level overview of current Cyber Security Trends, both good and bad; and provide initial guidance on how to defend against Cyber Attacks that exploit weaknesses in the above controls.

Our approach is geared toward Housing Associations and Local Authorities; and we can also share on a completely anonymous basis, what challenges other key players in the sector are facing, in particular any views from the Regulator of Social Housing; and the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We firmly believe in affordable housing for everyone, but being Cyber Security Professionals, we want to make sure that data is protected, in particular those related to vulnerable tenants.

Subject to availability, terms and conditions.


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