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Screwed over by Apple?

Oh I do love this. Apple have come out with another screw to help deter hardware hackers from getting inside MacBooks and iPhone 4s. It’s called a pentalobe, which looks like a Torx screw on first looks, but actually has rounded edges. So what you might say. Well, Apple have been kind enough to uses […]

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RSA Conference Europe 2010

Fresh back from the conference, an interesting few days, but still came back with the feeling that I was trying to be sold something. Not a problem if I’m brave enough to head to Infosec 2011 as that’s what you’d expect, but where some people would have paid £975 for a conference ticket I’m not

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Infosec 2010

Even if you bought every product on sale at Infosec this year, your data still wouldn’t be secure, but it still amazes me to find vendors that say that their product alone will solve all your problems. Sigh.

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