Oh I do love this. Apple have come out with another screw to help deter hardware hackers from getting inside MacBooks and iPhone 4s.
It's called a pentalobe, which looks like a Torx screw on first looks, but actually has rounded edges.
So what you might say.
Well, Apple have been kind enough to uses these screws to secure battery cases, so without the correct screwdriver, it's a back to base repair job for battery replacement.
Fear not, you can now buy pentalobe screwdrivers for £6-7 from eBay, which sort of defeats the purpose of Apple using pentalobe heads in the first place.
An interesting example of a security control, that after time is simply defeated with those with the budget and cunning eBay search skills.
Likewise, any information security control that you implement, can be defeated by those with the budget and time to do so.
Be wary… is that forth generation firewall you're about to buy just a pentalobe?

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