Breakfast Seminar: Anatomy of a Cyber Breach. 27th February.

Penetration Testing Experts


Anatomy of a Cyber Breach

Supported by anonymous case studies and research, we will look at real-life attack types and practical ways to detect and defend against hacking attempts. Our overview will include:

  • Understanding how different adversaries attack organisations:
    • Script kiddies
    • Organised criminals
    • Nation states
  • Why normal should be the new not normal
  • Zero trust and other effective operating models

Please note places are limited, so we can get some good knowledge transfer going and encourage an informal debate. We will be around for a few hours afterwards to answer any questions or concerns on a one-to-one basis, so please come and join us and book your meeting now: We’ll even throw in the bacon sarnies, croissants and only the finest filter coffee!

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