As cyberthreats increase in the age of remote work, there is a need for increased awareness in businesses of all sizes. At the same time, new rules and regulations mean that compliance is also vital to any organisation that wishes to succeed.

Many companies have taken on senior managers to look after their information security programmes, and have hired teams of cybersecurity staff to overhaul their systems and protect them from internal errors and external threats.


But not everyone needs a full time security officer? Many businesses find that they can manage perfectly well with a Virtual CISO who does not need to be a full-time employee.


What are the benefits of a virtual CISO?


  • Deliver more quickly and efficiently than a full-time employee as they are focused on clear KPIs
  • Manage projects such as breach and incident response and forensics if necessary.
  • They require little/no supervision
  • Allows the rest of the business to continue to function with minimal disruption, but with greater assurance that they are protected.


A full-time CISO often gets dragged into the day-to-day issues that a company faces and loses their focus and their independence. That kind of problem goes away with a virtual CISO who is managing a number of different projects and as such, keeps their focus firmly on the most important cyber issues.


Furthermore, virtual CISO's draw on wide experience through working on different sets of projects.  This means that they are able to draw from a wide set of resources and various industries when solving your problems.


A virtual CISO can help you quickly upscale your security putting you on a secure footing, while also keeping your security costs down. It’s a smart way to take advantage of the power of outsourcing sophisticated cyber security that is happening all around the globe.

Find out more about 2|SEC’s Virtual CISO services right here.

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