Perhaps it’s due to the pandemic forcing everyone to work from home, thus revealing their online security vulnerabilities. Perhaps it’s the massive increase in security threats that are occurring in the UK on a weekly level. It could even be a growing interest in cryptocurrency and how to secure it…but whatever the reasons, one thing is certain…. Britain’s cybersecurity industry is defying the downturn in the economy and experiencing record growth.

Securing the digital economy has become so important to the ways that we live, play and work that just last week, the British government announced that it was launching a new UK Cyber Security Council. ‘The body will establish the knowledge, skills and experience required for different cybersecurity jobs and provide guidance for people looking to enter the sector according to news website CityA.M.

“The fact we are launching an independent professional body for cyber security shows just how vital this area has become – it makes a huge contribution to our thriving digital economy by safeguarding our critical national infrastructure, commerce and other online spaces,” said digital minister Matt Warman.

Despite the pandemic and the uncertainty around Brexit which dragged the economy down for most of 2020, the cybersecurity sector attracted record levels of investment. In fact, over 800 million pounds was raised during the course of the year, which was more than doubled the figure from 2019, according to the DCMS Annual Cybersecurity Report.

‘This investment helped enable a 21% increase in cybersecurity firms operating in the UK in the period of April 2019 to December 2020, taking the total number up to 1483. There was also a 9% rise in employment in the sector, with over 3800 new full-time jobs created, taking the total number of UK cyber-jobs to 46,683’ InfoSecurity magazine reports.

This represents a real vote of confidence in the skill and the reliability of the UK’s online talent. 2|SEC is thrilled to be part of an industry that is competing globally and helping to safeguard the vital networks and assets of the UK’s digital economy.

As threats continue to evolve and increase, it’s more important than ever for companies to have a cybersecurity partner that they trust, that understands your needs and that is responsive on the day when you come under attack. Get in touch today and find out what 2|SEC can do for you.

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