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Every 39 seconds…that’s how often a computer is attacked on US soil by cyberattacks. And the UK hardly fares better. In 2020, almost half of all British businesses suffered an attempted hack. Cybercrime is alive and well, and thriving. That’s why companies are investing so heavily in sophisticated cyber security that is the last line of defence against ruthless and determined hackers.

In her new book This is how they tell me the world ends, released in early February 2021, journalist Nicole Perlroth writes ‘What we’re experiencing is not one attack but a plague, invisible to the naked eye, that ripples across countries at an extraordinary rate, reaching ever deeper into our infrastructure, our democracy, our freedoms and our psyche with no end in sight. Only when there are highly visible mishaps do we pause for reflection. But the lessons from even the most destructive attacks tend to be forgotten only too quickly. We’ve normalised them.”

We can’t afford to just move on from cyberattacks that fail. We need to learn from them.

In the UK alone, it’s estimated that there are 65 000 attempted hacks into small and medium business every single day. That’s an incredible statistic, and it illustrates that it’s really only a matter of time before your defenses are targeted and tested by hackers.

So what should you be doing right now?

Preparation is everything when it comes to security.

It’s impossible to predict when an organisation is going to be attacked. It’s safer to just presume that you are always under attack.

The first line of defence is a cyber audit. That will give you an honest understanding of your current situation, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and how resilient your system is. As most of us are working remotely today, that means you face additional challenges.

Do you know what devices your employees are using to connect? If a foreign device suddenly logged in to your servers, would you even be aware of it?

Cataloging the remote devices you recognise should be an important part of your audit.

No companies should have to handle this burden of cybersecurity alone. It’s simply too much to expect of an organisation to run a business while staying on top of the evolving threats that it faces. That’s where companies like 2|SEC come in.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, relieving them of anxiety, and providing peace of mind so you can focus on what it is you do best and stop worrying about the overwhelming number of threats that are out there.

 If you would like a partner who understands your security needs, then get in touch today.

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