In my role as CEO of 2-sec, I have spoken to many different types of businesses over the last twelve months, mostly about how their organisations are woefully under protected against malware, phishing, social engineering and other hacking tools on the threat landscape. Many of these companies do understand how vulnerable they are to attempted cyberattacks. They are certainly not complacent to the growing threat of cybercrime, and the damage it can cause to their business, and any possible expansion plans.

So, why are they not able to access further advice, and improve their business IT security?

It comes down to two major barriers:

  • A lack of time and staff resources available to research and understand the cyberattack threat and;
  • A lack of financial resources. Many do not have the funds currently available to invest in expert solutions.

A UK based scheme is now available which will go a long way to overcoming these two barriers. The Cyber Security Innovation Vouchers are run by Innovate UK, (the new name for the Technology Strategy Board), and is a strategy to allow SMEs to access professional advice and solutions on improving their business security.

Applications are currently open for the next round of the Innovation Vouchers. Each round lasts 3 months (they are currently up to Round 11) and any UK based SME that meets the criteria can apply for one. The application process closes on 22nd April 2015 – do NOT miss out!

The criteria are fairly simple. You need to:

  • be starting up or running a micro, small or medium-sized UK business
  • need help with something that's a real challenge for your business, not just a small improvement or change
  • have not worked with the chosen expert before
  • have not had an Innovation Voucher from Innovate UK or the Technology Strategy Board before.

The application process is fairly simple, and involves answering some questions on how the vouchers will provide value to your business, the expected outcomes and impact on business growth. Once the application has been submitted, and the round has ended on 22nd April, a draw will take place and 100 lucky winners will have won £5,000.  You need to choose an expert who is registered with the scheme, such as myself. You can also apply for other Innovation Voucher schemes that are operated regionally or locally and the website has a complete list.

Keeping essential information safe and secure is vital to a company’s bottom line. Many of 2-sec’s successful clients have found that improving their cyber security enables them not only to protect existing business data and networks but also increases their market share, by proving to customers that they are protecting their information to a higher standard than any of their competitors. Some clients use the vouchers to assist in achieving a cybersecurity standard, such as Cyber Essentials, IASME or PCI DSS, which then allows their company to access to new markets.

Our company is able to offer bespoke packages of support including risk assessments, full security health checks and audits, plus cyber security solutions and advice to see you improve as a company, reach security standards, impart lasting knowledge and skills with your employees and ensure you are best protected against the growing cyber threat.

To make the most of these vouchers, please call or email me, using the contact details below. I am more than happy to explain and assist in the process of your voucher application, and to explore how they can be best used to improve the cyber security in your business.

Do not miss out – The application process for Round 11 will close on 22nd April 2015!

For more information go to the Cyber Security Innovation Voucher home page.


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