It saddened me to leave the Information Security Leaders conference today, not because of the range of content, speakers and education available, but for a group of about 20-30 youths chasing a smaller group down Northumberland Avenue – about 4pm in full day light.

Once the crowds had dispersed, a young man was lying in the street, covered in blood and police were tending to stab wounds in his back.

I do hope the police, communities and schools get to grips with knife crime – it's cowardly and simply not on.

Due to the proliferation of embassies and foreign government buildings in the area, there must have been hundreds of CCTV cameras that picked up the incident and I hope they soon identify the perpetrators.

There is some unfortunate irony and parallels with businesses that think they've got security all wrapped up.

I haven't, the government haven't, the police haven't, the banks haven't, so why should Joe Bloggs Limited be any different?

Whether you like it or not and regardless of how much money and resource you throw at security – incidents happen, and I hope the guy gets better soon.

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