How Good is your Incident Response Plan in the Event of a Cyberattack?

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Preventing a data breach or hack is first prize for every cybersecurity company. But if and when an incident occurs, the way that the response is handled is so important to ensure a full and complete recovery for a business.

That’s when the quality of your incident response plan is put to the test.


An incident response is an organised approach to responding and managing a security breach with the objective of limiting damage. That involves planning, agility and a clear set of guidelines that minimize risk and leads to recovery of stolen data and prosecution of the cybercriminals.

For many companies, it’s too much to try and handle in-house, and they rely on a specialist team of experts, such as 2|SEC, who are readily available to manage the incident and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our first response is to make sure a breach is contained, the effects are mitigated, and the incident is quickly eradicated, and that business operations are returned to normal as soon as possible. After that, we make sure any compliance requirements are upheld and the impacts of the breach are fully understood.


Through the years, our experience has led to the company becoming a leader in helping companies uncover IP theft, misconduct, abuse and fraud that may have occurred without their knowledge. With that kind of partnership on your side, you will be able to demonstrate to clients and prospects that you can deliver a reliable service, and that you have the resources on hand to deal with an attack when it happens.


Cybercrime is on the rise around the world. Every week there are harrowing stories of British companies, big and small, falling victim to ransomware attacks and being forced to shut down for prolonged periods of time. Following these kinds of incidents, 2|SEC is often called on by clients to extract and analyse data contained in computers and other data storage devices to give clients a record of how and when incidents occurred.


What kind of services do we offer?


  • Detailed post-breach analysis
  • Ensuring both the ICO and the public are notified in the correct manner
  • Identifying, isolating, eradicating and recovering from cyber security incidents
  • Helping companies to build a legal case to prosecute cybercriminals


Digital evidence can often make or break cases, but it must be preserved quickly, extracted, analysed and presented to an exacting standard to be admissible.


2|SEC is able to respond to cyber incidents on an ad|hoc basis, but we have found it to be far more effective to offer retained services in order to provide defined Service Level Agreements in terms of incident response.

Reach out today if you’d like to know more about how our Incident Response Teams could work for you.

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