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Cyber security is something that all business owners out there in the world should be concerned about. You cannot simply ignore cyber security as it can bring numerous negative consequences your way. Hence, it is a must for you to be mindful of your protection and security at all times. However, this is something that you cannot do on your own. This is where you can seek the assistance of 2|SEC Consulting and get the help of our latest service, which is known as the Cyber Rescue Plan.

The Cyber Rescue Plan has been put together to offer a unique approach to Cyber Security Transformation, covering major Cyber Risks and Common Vulnerabilities, and presenting both a Unified Threat Report and Cyber Rescue Plan to your Company.

Cyber Plan on demand services:

  1. Business, Legal and Privacy Impact Analysis
  2. Cyber Incident Response
  3. Penetration Testing, Threat Assessments and Red Teaming
  4. Cyber Security Engineering and Architecture
  5. Security Framework Reviews – ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, NIST, NCSC
  6. Compliance Reviews – PCI DSS, FCA, Gambling Commission, GDPR
  7. Cloud Security Reviews – Amazon, Azure, Google
  8. DevSecOps and Project Security Reviews
  9. Third Party Security Reviews
  10. Review of Cyber Security Strategy and 3-Year Plan

2|SEC’s core services will provide 360 degree Cyber Security capability for your Company, enabling prompt identification and resolution of Cyber Security threats, and pinpointing

critical vulnerabilities your Company faces. This enhanced capability will vastly reduce exposure to potential Data Protection Act (GDPR) breaches, data loss, system outages and/or regulatory fines.

Throughout the ongoing COVID pandemic, 2|SEC’s services are fully available remotely, at a market beating cost of £29,950 for a block of 30 days, providing you access to 2|SEC’s highly experienced and fully qualified team.

Get in touch! We are here to help: +44 (0)20 7877 0060 or contact@2-sec.com

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