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Tim Holman is the President of ISSA-UK, as well as the CEO & Founder at cybersecurity firm 2-Sec. He started out doing OS/2 and LAN Server support for IBM in 1994 and spent a lot of time on online forums both learning and helping others. For those efforts, he was rewarded with the title of […]

Apple Malware

Apple Malware

Silver Sparrow delivers a wake-up call to Mac users around the world about their security complacence. There is a common belief amongst many users of Apple products that they don’t need to worry about viruses, hacking, or cybersecurity. The belief is that Apple’s...

Cyber Rescue Plan

The Cyber Rescue Plan has been put together to offer a unique approach to Cyber Security Transformation, covering major Cyber Risks and Common Vulnerabilities, and presenting both a Unified Threat Report and Cyber Rescue Plan to your Company.   Cyber Plan on...