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Managing Risk

To pay or not to pay?

In the UK right now, many businesses are asking themselves how they would respond to a ransomware attack, will they pay and what are their risks obligations if they are willing to do so.   That’s because the number of incidents of ransomware attacks has skyrocketed in the last two years.   In a recent

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Fatface hack teaches us lessons about the nature of cybersecurity in 2021

When online clothing retailer FatFace was hacked in January 2021, it disobeyed one of the golden rules of managing a cybersecurity crisis; it kept quiet about it for two months before downplaying the threat, saying only that “some employment related information’ had been accessed by third parties.” We now know that was only the tip

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Apple Malware

Silver Sparrow delivers a wake-up call to Mac users around the world about their security complacence. There is a common belief amongst many users of Apple products that they don’t need to worry about viruses, hacking, or cybersecurity. The belief is that Apple’s ‘walled garden’ is so secure and so powerful that any threats to

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Cyber Rescue Plan

The Cyber Rescue Plan has been put together to offer a unique approach to Cyber Security Transformation, covering major Cyber Risks and Common Vulnerabilities, and presenting both a Unified Threat Report and Cyber Rescue Plan to your Company.   Cyber Plan on demand services: Business, Legal and Privacy Impact Analysis Cyber Incident Response Penetration Testing,

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The Biggest Cyber Threats for 2020

Research is drawn from 2|SEC Consulting’s Virtual CISO, Cyber Security Audit, Cyber Essentials and Penetration Test team engagements over 2019. The Top 5 Cyber Threats found: Passwords You think your password is secure? Think again. Billions of user accounts and passwords have been compromised and reused by hackers. We will look at the mechanics and

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