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Threat & Vulnerability Management

What is a Threat and Vulnerability Management service?

Cyber attacks continue to evolve in complexity and sophistication. The investment needed to implement security and meet regulatory compliance is growing and the skills gap for security experts is widening. No business wants to deal with exploitation by cybercriminals. Cyber security is a 24/7/365 function which requires dedicated resources and a tightly managed plan. It is important for organisations to regularly carry out vulnerability identification and management processes, to enable the business to implement strategies to mitigate the risk of a breach.

Delivering Threat and Vulnerability Management

Our team provides an integrated and pro-active approach to managing your business network, web applications, and data security. Our dedicated analysts provide active, continuous scanning in addition to risk and compliance reporting to detect and respond to vulnerabilities discovered in your organisation.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to identify, manage and mitigate vulnerabilities. Our Threat and Vulnerability Management service can be broken down into five key areas:

  1. Regular network scanning, firewall logging, penetration testing and the use of an automated vulnerability scanner;
  2. Examining the network scans and penetration test results, firewall logs and vulnerability scan results to find irregularities that suggest a security attack;
  3. Assessing any identified vulnerabilities on your business systems to see whether they could be exploited. This stage also includes classifying the severity of a vulnerability and the level of risk it presents to your organisation;
  4. Implementing change to prevent any vulnerabilities from being exploited by emerging or existing threat actors;
  5. Developing a proactive approach to continuously apply all available software patches to unprotected areas within your business.

Upon completion of the remediation efforts, our team will reassess your network to ensure all discovered vulnerabilities have been resolved and that new vulnerabilities have not been introduced.


Business Benefits

Engaging this type of service will help your business to:

  • Proactively manage any vulnerabilities in your IT environment to effectively safeguard your critical systems and sensitive data;
  • Control vulnerabilities as part of a mature cyber security plan;
  • Reduce the chance of disruption, prevent loss of profits and damage to your brand and reputation;
  • Improve structure and focus within your organisation;
  • Cost-effectively protect your business and meet regulatory requirements.

Why 2|SEC Consulting?

  • Our ethical hackers will design a bespoke programme for your business;
  • We are certified by the leading standards bodies;
  • Our team of security consultants who specialise in penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, investigations, and security intelligence
  • Services delivered by consultants with the most up to date knowledge base;
  • We continually monitor for emerging threats and constantly update our intelligence, systems, and processes.

Is your risk exposure clear and accurate?

Identify and managing threats and vulnerabilities through assessments, simulations and mitigation strategies to protect your business.

“We commissioned 2|SEC Consulting to conduct a series of vulnerability tests across our entire Group. It was a pain free exercise from our perspective. We ran some scoping and prep sessions with them and then had one of their consultants on site for a week or so to run the tests. He was excellent – very professional and required little input & guidance from us. We are continuing to work with 2|SEC Consulting as part of our overall IT security stream of activities and I very much expect to be using them again to conduct further, regular testing.”

IT Director

Venture Capital Group

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