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Gold Standard Penetration Testing

More rigorous. More reliable. Expertise you can trust. IT Health CHECK and CREST Approved.

What is Penetration Testing and Red, Blue and Purple Teaming?

Penetration testing puts your organisation’s application and network defences to a robust test, simulating what a real cybercriminal would be doing. This ensures security controls are in place and working, and that any gaps can be risk assessed and addressed.

Whilst you may have in house expertise that can carry this out for you, nothing beats a team of experienced, fully certified professionals who have carried out thousands of tests for organisations like yours.

The Red Team is the advisory (us) the Blue Team are the defenders (you) and the purple team is a much more time and cost-efficient way of working together to achieve results fast.

2|SEC Consulting. Setting the Gold Standard

Founded by seasoned security consultants in 2011, our customers have been in safe hands for many years. We live and breathe Cyber Security and have on staff some of the world’s best known Cyber Security experts, that help organisations identify unknown risks, and formulate ongoing plans to address them.  From small to large, start-ups to established Fortune 500, we handle all types of testing on every conceivable technology possible.

We have a firm belief that our work is not done until customers have effectively remediated the gaps we find, which is why we commit to unlimited remediation advisory, and of course, have many customers that have been with us every year.


Scenario Based Testing

Choose your attacker. Are you concerned about exposure to external, unknown adversaries, or more worried about insider threat, or perhaps the actions or inactions of negligent staff or third parties?

We set the scene using modern threat intelligence and information gleaned from testing many different complex system types. We focus on what matters. We’re not going to perform extensive testing on systems that don’t matter or systems that are already under advanced vulnerability discovery and management, as there is no need to duplicate work.

We focus on real-life, actionable issues that attackers can readily exploit.


Execution of penetration test

Communication has to be the most important part of the testing we carry out. We don’t hide behind a shroud of secrecy, email you a report and then run for the hills. We are here every step of the way, from discovery through the remediation, and will happily discuss issues with any level of staff, through to your Board of Directors, and ensure risks are prioritised in line with business goals.

The actual hands-on interactive testing undertaken by our experienced team incorporates a wide range of attack methodologies including target profiling, target enumeration, hands-on manual testing, intelligent exploit attacks and application analysis of business logic.

Our team of experts uses a concept called “Purple Teaming” with a combination of both ‘red’ and ‘blue’ teams to share intelligence data and to ensure all attack techniques are detected. This process provides a stronger, deeper assurance activity that delivers more value to your business.

Our Red and your Blue teams work closely together to maximise the effectiveness and deliver a more robust and dynamic service. Our Red team carries out the attacks and challenges the business. Your Blue team defends the attacks with the current security and infrastructure you have in place. This mimics exactly what would happen in a real-life Cyber Attack.


Reporting and Remediation

Our specialist team will present you with a full report of all identified issues, graded by severity, including how we found them, and how serious they are.

Both Tactical and Strategic remediation guidance is included. Tactical fixes are usually patches or reconfiguration, and Strategic guidance is there so you can work out exactly how issues have arisen, and work on improving policies and procedures to ensure there is no repeat.

Post testing

What next? The Penetration Testing process is but a point in time assessment of your current security posture, but as with all our services, we want to help you improve, and will offer unlimited remediation advisory and retesting until issues are resolved.

We would typically set a 30/60/90 daytime limit to this so that your organisation can adhere to security best practices and the many standards out there that insist on this.

Continuous Penetration Testing

Once we have baselined your internal and external security landscape, we will put together a programme of continuous penetration testing and cyber threat intelligence, to ensure your systems remain secure throughout the year ahead, and that you are alerted immediately should any threats arise.


Business Benefits

  • Protect your company’s profits and reputation by fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cyber attackers
  • Allow more efficient use of resources and prioritise security investment
  • Achieve many cyber security frameworks and accreditations as regular penetration testing is often required
  • Gain independence assurance that your information systems, data, and assets are protected from threats
  • Gain a competitive edge and meet tender requirements when bidding for new work

Why 2|SEC Consulting?

  • Approved to carry out IT Health CHECK, HMG, NHS and CREST Penetration Testing
  • Our Security Consultants are fully accredited, including CHECK Team Member (CTM) Check Team Leader (CTL-APP, CTL-Inf) OSCE, OSWE, OSCP, CRT, QSA, PA-QSA, IASME, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CISSP, SANS-GIAC and CEH
  • High levels of client retention
  • Clear communication
  • Unlimited remediation advisory and retesting
  • As a full Cyber Security Services provider, days procured can be used for any of our services, at the same rate

Are your cyber controls working?

Regularly review your systems and applications to identify and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

“We commissioned 2|SEC Consulting to conduct a series of vulnerability tests across our entire Group. It was a pain free exercise from our perspective. We ran some scoping and prep sessions with them and then had one of their consultants on site for a week or so to run the tests. He was excellent – very professional and required little input & guidance from us. We are continuing to work with 2|SEC Consulting as part of our overall IT security stream of activities and I very much expect to be using them again to conduct further, regular testing.”

IT Director

Venture Capital Group

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