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Incident Response

What is Incident Response?

Any business needs to be well prepared for a cyber-attack and have the resources required to efficiently deal with a cyber incident. This is to not only to protect the company’s business objectives and reputation but also to restore its operations.

An incident response is an organised approach to responding and managing a security breach with the objective of limiting damage. This can be quite an expensive exercise if managed in-house with unnecessary specialist resources on-hand, waiting to respond to an emergency. An alternative option is to use a specialist team of experts who are readily available to manage the incident and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Reducing re-occurring risk

The incident response team can work alongside the in-house IT team to manage the incident, make recommendations for improvement and to regularly test the protection in place to ensure that it is effective. The incident response team will ensure that a breach is contained, effects are mitigated, and the incident is quickly eradicated. The business operations are returned to normal as soon as possible, any compliance requirements are upheld and the impacts of the breach are fully understood. Our incident response lab comprises expert security consultants working with market leading incident response tools, to deliver rapid results.

Our professional, discreet and rapid incident response management service identifies, responds and manages the impact of a potential cyber security incident. Where an incident does occur, our teams use post-incident reviews to actively reduce the risks associated with any possible future incidents. This applies in both real-world, and exercise-based scenarios.

We will identify the origin and cause of the attack and assess any shortfalls in the systems in response and preventative strategies to avoid the issue from recurring. Our aim is to address the root cause or to identify systemic concerns, rather than to fix a limited issue. Vulnerabilities in cyber security provision will be identified and communicated to the business and the relevant third-parties, so that problems are addressed, improved and similar incidents prevented.


Business Benefits

Engaging this service will help your business to:

  • Be fully prepared for a cyber-attack; and have the resources on hand to deal with the attack, no matter when or where it happens;
  • Demonstrate to clients and prospects that you can deliver a reliable service;
  • Reduce business impact of the incidents because of timely resolution;
  • Proactively identify beneficial system enhancements and amendments;
  • Protection against compliance breaches – and subsequent regulatory fines and potential lawsuits.

Why 2|SEC Consulting?

  • We deliver a bespoke incident response service that suits the business profile and industry of your organisation;
  • We give our clients access to state of the art incident response software, people and dedicated 24/7 support;
  • We take time to understand your business, operations and processes to accurately scope your requirements;
  • We communicate clearly – our mission is to ‘manage your cyber risks so that you don’t have to’ and we will communicate any issues or remediation recommendations in a clear and jargon-free way;
  • Our teams have the skills to not only respond to incidents but also to help deliver long-term solutions.

Would you need extra skilled resource to respond to an attack?

An incident response service is a cost effective way to gain this level of service for your organisation.

“It was a pain free exercise from our perspective. We ran some scoping and prep sessions with them and then had one of their consultants on site for a week or so to run the tests. He was excellent – very professional and required little input & guidance from us. He alerted us to a number of issues that required immediate attention and then subsequent to that produced a very comprehensive and easy to follow report that allowed us to understand what the issues were and how we might go about mitigating them.”

IT Director

Telecomms Company

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