Security Awareness Training

Activate Your Human Firewall

Turn on the power of awareness. With 2|SEC’s security awareness training, you’ll get the best out of your team's ability to defend against cyber threats.

Enhanced Vigilance

Train employees to spot and swiftly report cyber threats.

Executive Preparedness

Equip leaders to make informed cyber security choices.

Measurable ROI

See quick returns through reduced cyber security incidents.

Cyber Awareness | IT Security Training

From the Breakroom to the Boardroom: Your Pathway to Cyber Resilience

We've got training options that suit every level of your organisation. Dive into our customisable courses or talk to us about tailoring options for your organisation.

Cyber Security Fundamentals

Equip your workforce with foundational cyber skills, elevating your company's security posture.

Threat Detection & Response

Empower your team to identify and neutralise cyber threats, safeguarding your business assets.

Phishing Awareness

Minimise risk by teaching your staff how to recognise and respond to phishing attacks.

GDPR Compliance

Ensure your company navigates GDPR complexities with ease, avoiding hefty fines.

Crisis Management

Build a resilient workforce capable of handling cyber crises, ensuring business continuity.

Social Engineering

Protect your enterprise from social engineering threats through vigilant employee practices.

Mobile Security

Empower your workforce to secure mobile devices to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access

Board/Executive Training

Empower senior executives and members of the board to make informed security decisions.

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Build Your First Line of Cyber Resilience

Equip your workforce to be the first line of defence against cyber threats. Partner with 2|SEC for customisable training modules.

Experience & Expertise

Solving Cyber Security Challenges Across Diverse Industries

At 2|SEC, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results across a broad spectrum of industries. We understand that every industry comes with its unique challenges and opportunities, and we're equipped to handle both with expertise.

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Banking & Finance
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Creative Industries
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Fintech
  • Food and Beverage
  • Gaming
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
  • Property
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport

The 2|SEC Advantage

Where Awareness Becomes Resilience

Move beyond simple awareness. With the right training, turn your team's knowledge into a lasting culture of cyber resilience.

Trust By Design

Certified Expertise, Brand-Approved

We pair cutting-edge expertise with top-tier certifications and partnerships with some of the nation's top brands.

Certified to the Highest Standards

We are accredited for CREST, CHECK and, Cyber Essentials Plus. Our consultants also hold an impressive range of cyber security qualifications including CISSP, QSA, PA-QSA, PCI QSA, PCI PA-QSA, PCIP, CISA, CEH, SANS-GIAC and, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.

We're Trusted by Some of the Nation's Best-Known Brands

2|SEC delivers technical assurance and business advisory services to its global client base; from agile start-ups to FTSE 250 organisations.

Vigilance in Action

Creating a Culture of Security

Cultural Shift

Create a company-wide culture centred on cyber security.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce the chances of successful cyber attacks via training.

Improved Compliance

Exceed regulatory standards with a compliance-aware workforce.

Cultivate a culture of security, where every employee – from the front-line to the C-Suite – is a vital participant in maintaining the integrity of your digital assets.

Build Your First Line of Cyber Resilience

Equip your workforce to be the first line of defence against cyber threats. Partner with 2|SEC for customisable training modules.

Security Awareness Training FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Cyber Security Awareness Training

Get the answers to all of the most frequently asked questions we get about security awareness training.

In the context of cyber security, a security-restricted area refers to parts of an organisation's IT systems that are limited to certain users to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access or potential threats.

Security professionals are responsible for developing and implementing the security awareness programme. They identify the training needs, customise the training content, deliver the training courses, and evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

Microsoft Security Awareness is a training programme that educates users about cyber threats and how to use Microsoft security tools to protect their data, particularly when using Microsoft 365 products.

Cyber security training for employees is essential as it equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect the organisation's systems and sensitive information from cyber threats.

Security training is a formal, practical process where employees are taught specific skills, like how to identify phishing emails. On the other hand, security awareness is a broader understanding of why these skills are essential and how they fit into the larger security picture.

Security awareness should include understanding the importance of cyber security, recognising the signs of an attack, such as a phishing email, and the correct steps to take if one suspects a breach. Microsoft security awareness, for instance, can involve using tools provided by Microsoft 365.

The learning objectives of security awareness training typically include understanding types of threats, recognising a phishing email, learning how to protect sensitive information, and knowing how to respond in the event of a security incident.

The mission of a security awareness programme is to equip all employees with the knowledge and skills to defend the organisation's information systems against cyber threats, ultimately reducing risk and maintaining the integrity of sensitive information.

Promoting security awareness can be achieved through regular cyber security training for employees, including general security awareness training and more specific programmes such as cyber security phishing awareness training.

IT security awareness is important because it equips employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to defend against cyber threats. A well-informed workforce can be the first line of defence against attacks targeting sensitive data and systems.

Security awareness refers to the knowledge and mindset possessed by an individual about the protection of the physical and especially informational assets of their organisation. It also involves understanding the various types of threats that can compromise these assets.

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