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Cloud Security Solutons

Cloud Freedom, Zero Worries

Free your team to innovate in the cloud while 2|SEC takes care of the security controls, data loss prevention, and compliance. Your focus stays where it belongs—on business growth.

Cost-Effective Agility

Experience scalable security that grows with your cloud applications.

Seamless Integration

Ensure compatibility with AWS, Azure, and hybrid installations.

Business Resilience

Weather disruptions with robust, built-in disaster recovery.

Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud Security, Tailored to Your Business Blueprint

From identity management to data loss prevention, 2|SEC crafts a cloud security strategy that's a seamless fit.

Identity & Access Management

Securely manage user identities and permissions, ensuring only authorised personnel access your cloud resources.

Security Centre Audits

Leverage our expertise in Azure's Security Centre to continuously assess and improve your cloud security posture.

Storage Security

Protect your cloud-based data with robust encryption and access controls, keeping your business-critical information secure.

Database Assessments

Our assessments cover your cloud databases, ensuring they're fortified against both internal and external threats.

Logging & Monitoring

Gain real-time insights into cloud activities, enabling rapid response to any suspicious actions or vulnerabilities.

Networking Checks

Safeguard your cloud's network architecture, making it a stronghold that's impervious to cyber attacks.

Key Management

Manage cryptographic keys efficiently, ensuring a seamless but secure data encryption and decryption process.

Virtual Machine Security

Fortify your cloud's virtual machines to create a resilient line of defence against potential breaches.

CloudWatch Services

Utilise AWS CloudWatch for detailed monitoring and alarming, keeping your cloud operations in a state of readiness.

Compliance Validation

Navigate the complex landscape of cloud compliance standards like PCI DSS and ISO 27001 with our expert guidance.

Data Loss Prevention

Implement strategies to prevent critical data from being accessed, modified, or transferred without authorisation.

Mobile Device Management

Extend your cloud security to mobile devices, ensuring secure access for remote teams without compromising control.

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Cloud Security That Means Business

Choose 2|SEC for cloud security that understands your business objectives. Transformative security is just a click away.

Experience & Expertise

Solving Cyber Security Challenges Across Diverse Industries

At 2|SEC, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results across a broad spectrum of industries. We understand that every industry comes with its unique challenges and opportunities, and we're equipped to handle both with expertise.

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Banking & Finance
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Creative Industries
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Fintech
  • Food and Beverage
  • Gaming
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
  • Property
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport

The 2|SEC Advantage

Seamless Security, Scaled to Your Needs

Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, 2|SEC’s cloud security solutions are custom-tailored to your business' unique landscape.

Trust By Design

Certified Expertise, Brand-Approved

We pair cutting-edge expertise with top-tier certifications and partnerships with some of the nation's top brands.

Certified to the Highest Standards

We are accredited for CREST, CHECK and, Cyber Essentials Plus. Our consultants also hold an impressive range of cyber security qualifications including CISSP, QSA, PA-QSA, PCI QSA, PCI PA-QSA, PCIP, CISA, CEH, SANS-GIAC and, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.

We're Trusted by Some of the Nation's Best-Known Brands

2|SEC delivers technical assurance and business advisory services to its global client base; from agile start-ups to FTSE 250 organisations.

Secure, Agile, Resilient

Elevate Your Cloud Security Experience

Comprehensive Monitoring

Benefit from multi-faceted logging and CloudWatch monitoring.

Vendor-Agnostic Security

Protection tailored to Amazon, Microsoft, and other cloud providers.

User-Friendly Reporting

Receive clear, jargon-free remediation recommendations.

At 2|SEC Consulting, we're redefining what it means to be secure in the cloud. Step into a world where cost-effective agility meets uncompromising resilience, and seamless integration across AWS, Azure, and hybrid installations is just the beginning. Experience cloud security like never before, tailored to your business needs.

Cloud Security That Means Business

Choose 2|SEC for cloud security that understands your business objectives. Transformative security is just a click away.

Cloud Security FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Security Solutions

Get the answers to all of the most frequently asked questions we get about cloud security services.

We understand that compliance is a significant aspect of cloud computing. Our services are aligned to help you meet and exceed regulatory requirements while ensuring optimal data security.

Our cloud security solutions are not just about tools; they're about crafting a comprehensive strategy that integrates data security, cloud security posture management, and best practices to offer you peace of mind.

We employ an array of cutting-edge security tools specifically designed for cloud environments. These tools aid in everything from threat detection to data security and compliance checks.

We believe in a shared responsibility model where both the cloud service provider and the customer have roles to play. While they handle infrastructure, we ensure your data and applications are secure.

Absolutely, protecting sensitive data is one of our key priorities. Our cloud security best practices are designed to safeguard all types of sensitive data in cloud computing environments.

We offer comprehensive security measures for all types of cloud services, from public cloud platforms to data centers. Our objective is to offer end-to-end data security.

Cloud security best practices involve a multi-layered approach, including implementing advanced cloud security tools, regular audits, and adhering to the shared responsibility model.

Cloud security safeguards your business operations in the public cloud, ensuring that data security, protecting data, and cloud services are all tightly integrated to fend off threats.

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