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Stage 3: Assure


It is important for any business to carry out a systematic evaluation of its security for its own peace of mind. To do this, it is essential to assess how well it measures against a set of recognised criteria. A cyber security audit can be carried out to review the organisation, its systems and processes to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that the business faces. Following a review, findings will be recorded along with recommendations for improvement to mitigate future risk.


Cyber Protection: Assure Stage



The information security landscape is constantly evolving. In response, new regulations across the UK, Europe, Asia, and the US are being implemented to ensure the appropriate security measures are in place to protect a business and its data. Any organisation that handles sensitive data will be expected to comply with one or more security frameworks to safely conduct business.



Businesses that achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and assurance schemes are protecting their company assets and valuable data. Meeting requirements also demonstrate to customers, partners, and suppliers that the organisation is serious about investing in information security.

2|SEC Consulting helps clients to identify which framework is best suited for its businesses needs. The consultancy team supports clients through the implementation of the framework; to achieve the necessary levels of assurance to meet the specific standards of that framework. We deliver a systematic and strategic approach so that your organisation can achieve the right assurance standards it needs to effectively meet business objectives.

Know the security priorities for your organisation

Understand how you can improve your organisation's cyber readiness.

Cyber Security Risk Management LifeCycle

Assure is stage 3 of 5. A business needs to implement all stages of the life cycle to best manage risk and protect the business. To discover more about the other stages of the life cycle, click on the segments below:

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