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Get cyber security firmly on your Board’s agenda with our Virtual CISO service.

What is a Virtual CISO?

Cyber security is increasingly becoming a topic of board room discussion due to the increasing frequency, severity and impact of cyber attacks upon UK businesses. It is estimated that cyber attacks have cost British industry £34bn per year (Source CEBR/Veracode 2015). However, rarely do board directors possess specialist skills to combat today’s highly skilled and persistent cyber criminals and therefore have to rely on external collaboration. 2-sec’s Virtual CISO service has been designed to bridge that skill gap. With our Virtual CISO service, you get a retained board-level resource who can ‘virtually sit inside your company’ and manage your security strategy, budget, review of risks and regulatory programs.

How it works

This is a completely bespoke service based on your own information security needs. You will have both on-site and remote access to your own CISO who can steer your information security strategy. This service can range in duration from being a few hours per month consultancy to an interim full time CISO. Plus, we can flex the service up or down according your changing information security requirements and with knowledge transfer over time.

Benefits of our Virtual CISO program

Our vCISO service can prove to deliver significant cost savings and also be a reassuring presence of business stakeholders – employees and investors alike.

Access on or off-site to your own CISO who can steer your information security strategy.

Ability to deliver senior-level presentations of your security posture to key stakeholders, e.g. to your leadership team or regulators.

Assessment and development of the information security skills of your wider team.

Reduces threat of cyber attacks on your company – thereby potentially saving hundreds of thousands of pounds and the company’s reputation.


An expert, independent view of your risk, compliance and security frameworks.


Independent review of audit and assessment reports, assisting with prioritising issues and tracking resolution.


Co-ordination of security breach and incident investigations and remedial measures put in place to prevent future occurrences.

A senior security management professional with a wealth of industry experience.

Access to your own virtual cyber security team – Your CISO will be able to draw on all the individual skills of the 2-sec team as and when required e.g. Penetration testing, PCI compliance and Cyber Essentials.

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