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Security Operations Centre

What is a Security Operations Centre?

Cyber attacks are not guaranteed between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday. Also, in today’s business climate the reliance on technology is a 24/7/365 requirement.

Working closely with the IT department, many businesses are engaging independent security specialists that deliver a Security Operations Centre (SOC) service. This cost-effective route will reduce risk and help prevent, detect, assess and respond to cyber security threats and incidents, as well as fulfil and assess regulatory compliance.

How does a Security Operations Centre work?

A SOC is a centralised function which handles the detection, analysis, containment and remediation of security threats and the mitigation of risk within its clients’ systems.  The service enables a business to obtain a complete overview of their environment and security function. Not every SOC has the same role. There are three different focus areas in which a SOC may be active, which can be united in any combination:

  • Control: Concentrating on existing security systems, using compliance testing, penetration testing, and vulnerability testing;
  • Monitoring: Concentrating on active threats and the response using log monitoring, SIEM administration, and incident response;
  • Operational: Concentrating on operational security administration such as identity and access management, key management, and firewall administration.

2|SEC Consulting’s SOC

Our SOC comprises security analysts, engineers and incident responders who will clearly define a strategy that aligns security deliverables with your business objectives. This strategy will incorporate specific goals from various departments as well as input and support from senior management. Once the strategy has been developed our consultants will implement the infrastructure and resources required to support your business. The support our teams deliver include:

  • Proactive detection;
  • Threat awareness;
  • Vulnerability management;
  • Monitoring of hardware and software assets;
  • Log management to enable investigations after an incident.

Business Benefits

Engaging a SOC will help your business to:

  • Improve security incident detection;
  • Ensure timely detection and timely response to security incidents;
  • Adopt best practices to effectively proritise security investment;
  • Gain a hassle-free and cost-effective option for a 24/7 security operations centre;
  • Relieve the burden on internal IT departments.

Why 2|SEC Consulting?

  • Our SOC team uses cutting-edge security automation combined with highly-skilled security analysts to continually enhance security measures;
  • Our team will cost-effectively achieve significant results in mitigating risks to your business;
  • We can also deliver security improvement programmes based on the intelligence gained when monitoring your systems;
  • We communicate clearly – our mission is to ‘manage your cyber risks so that you don’t have to’ and we will communicate any issues or remediation recommendations in a clear and jargon-free way;
  • We work closely with your IT team and act as an extension to the service they already deliver.

Are your security deliverables aligned with your business objectives?

Do you need additional infrastructure and resource to achieve this?

“The level of service received has been consistently high and we will continue to approach 2|SEC Consulting for future projects.  We have been happy working with them, being guided through the process from scope definition to execution and final reporting.  Due to the nature of the business, we’ve had to work to extremely tight deadlines and they have been able to accommodate us at short notice.”

Project Manager

Telecoms Company

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