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Cyber Security & Information Security Training

What is Cyber Security & Information Security Training?

Cyber awareness is vital for the protection of any business. If the board is aware and the employees are informed of the latest risks and techniques used by cyber criminals, they are less likely to get caught out, more likely to quickly alert the IT team of an attempted attack and generally keep an eye out for abnormal activity.

Enterprises continue to commit a significant proportion of their budget on cyber security each year. Despite investing in the latest technological defences, employee behaviour remains a major vulnerability for organisations. The cyber security threat landscape is constantly evolving, and phishing, ransomware, malware and social engineering tactics continue to be common techniques deployed by cyber criminals.

Organisations need to invest in training for all employees to create a continual cultural awareness of cyber security. By implementing this process, a training strategy develops and evolves to meet new and existing security threats. As well as training for both new employees and using refresher training to ensure security is in the mindset of every employee; many businesses look to run training for key executives within the business.

Cyber Awareness Training Course for Employees

There is often a disconnect between what employees are instructed to do and what they actually do in real life. To reduce the risk of this happening, it is important to keep key processes and policies at the forefront of their working day. The primary goal of our training is to create a cyber security and information protection culture in your business. The training is tailored to each client to gain maximum engagement, ensuring everyone understands and is committed to appropriate security best practice.

The courses typically cover:

  • The cyber security landscape in the business industry, including threats, vulnerabilities and risks, and how these relate to achieving business objectives;
  • The role of the board and senior management team in cyber security risk management;
  • The strategy, leadership and governance responsibilities and liabilities of senior management;
  • The consequences of non-compliance, breaches and relevant legislation;
  • The role of senior management in a cyber incident, disaster recovery and business continuity management.

Board Advisory and Executive Management Security Awareness Training

No matter the size of the organisation, a security breach can cripple any business. It is essential that the board and executive management take a serious approach to implement security methods to protect their business, the stakeholders and assets. Business leaders are typically key targets for criminals. Finding information to be able to identify them is easy, they have the greatest level of access to the company systems and employees are less likely to challenge a request from a director.

The statutory requirements for directors and executive management to protect the business and its data is growing. The management needs to have a clear understanding of what security is in place and regular updates on the common risks that are being faced. When implementing an effective cyber security training programme, the culture of security should be developed as a top-down approach.

2|SEC Consulting provides bespoke training to the board and executive management to help build a vigilant security ethos, assist business leaders in making informed decisions and help the business to stay competitive in their industry.


Business Benefits

Regular training will help your business to:

  • Enhance security as employees become more cautious;
  • Save time and money by investing in training compared to the financial recovery after an attack;
  • Reduce the chance of errors. Many breaches are known to be caused by lack of attention by employees;
  • Naturally increase compliance – training is a safeguard that can demonstrate compliance;
  • Ensure that relevant real-life examples are presented to your employees which amplifies knowledge retention.

Why 2|SEC Consulting?

  • Our courses are engaging, interactive and relevant to the current climate as we use the latest research, fresh insights and real-world examples;
  • By monitoring emerging threats and constantly updating our training content, we ensure our material includes the latest up to date information on emerging attacks;
  • Our training uses active threat simulations and immediate feedback to educate employees on the latest scams, breaches, and attacks;
  • Our training programmes quantify results and measures the overall impact to the security culture in your business;
  • We are certified by the leading standards bodies including CREST, QSA, PCI DSS, PA-QSA, IASME, CHECK, CISSP, CISA, CISM, OSCP, SANS-GIAC and CEH.

Could your board and employees be more security aware?

Speak to a consultant about planning training into your budget and improving the protection of your organisation.

“2|SEC Consulting is a cyber security consultancy that supports you throughout an engagement. They are always available, extremely knowledgeable in their field and have been a great extension to our in-house security team.”

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