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We are industry leading providers of Penetration Test training. Our course leaders are all experienced 2-sec penetration testers, whom keep the courseware up to date with real world examples and leading research.

Penetration Test training the 2-sec way

We offer real world, vocational training, based on an extensive testing lab and up to date research. Our courses are extremely popular and attract delegates from across the world.

Why attend a Penetration Test training course?

It is highly recommended that you educate all youstaff involved in security testing. Here are some reasons why: 

  • Protect your company from data breaches – With an internal team capable of identifying the latest threats, they can be quickly eradicated, thus avoiding the unnecessary cost of data breaches.
  • Streamline your internal processes – Save time and reduce resources needed to deal with penetration testing.
  • Upskill, stay current – Make sure your team are knowledgeable on the latest techniques.
  • Less reliance on external expensive consultants –  With comprehensive training, your in-house team can fulfill your security testing requirements.
  • Identify issues in real-time – Our real-life training scenarios will give you the confidence to quickly identify and apply remediation routes.
  • Address weaknesses – A training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve.

Why 2-sec?

Our training courses are highly rated by industry peers.  We are renowned for our:


Our courses are led by practising consultants at the top of their game, carrying out regular tests across a broad range of technology stacks.


We ensure our class sizes are small to allow two way dialogue and ensure efficient knowledge transfer to delegates.


We have the ‘best-in-class’ training format, utilising the latest course materials full of practical examples and case studies.


You can join one of our public classes or if you have 6+ delegates we can run corporate courses at your own premises


If you work within a large company, we can train your trainers so you can bring all training in-house.


Our team have been carrying our penetration tests and security research for over 20+ years and are experts in this field, bringing real-world examples to the classroom.


We can design custom courses exclusively for your business and its unique set of employees.


Our courses are eligible for government funding, such as the Tech Partnership Fund, which covers up to 50% of training costs.

Course Portfolio

Introduction to Penetration Testing

3 day course – London

This introductory course will provide you with an overview of the fundamentals of Penetration Testing; and how to hack the most commonly known infrastructure and web applications. This course will prepare you for certifications such as OCSP, CPSA, CRT and CEH. We cover:

  • Legal issues and methodologies
  • Scoping
  • Enumeration
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Scanning (nmap, Nessus)
  • OWASP Top 10
  • Web application scanning (Burpsuite)
  • Basic exploitation of infrastructure and web application vulnerabilities
  • Authenticated testing
  • Privilege escalation, vulnerability chaining and pivoting
  • Typical organisational and project challenges, including testing 3rd parties and cloud providers


  • Working knowledge of TCP/IP, Windows and Linux.
  • We advise delegates have 1-2 years’ experience of working in a technical IT environment before sitting this course.

Advanced Penetration Testing

5 day course – London

This hands-on, exploit-focused course, will take your penetration testing skills to the next level, in preparation for certifications such as OCSP, CCT or SST. We cover:

  • Advanced IPv4 and IPv6 network scanning and exploitation
  • Advanced OSINT and data harvesting
  • Database and web server exploits
  • SSL / TLS issues and browser exploits
  • Windows, Active Directory and Linux Exploitation
  • Local Privilege Escalation and lateral movement
  • Applocker and AV bypass techniques
  • Harvesting credentials from memory
  • Restricted Shell Breakouts
  • Post Exploitation techniques
  • Kubernetes and Docker exploits
  • VPN and VoIP Exploitation
  • Advanced network exploitation and VLAN vulnerabilities


  • Working knowledge of TCP/IP, Windows and Linux
  • Practical experience of web and network vulnerability scanning and basic exploits
  • We advise delegates have 1-2 years’ experience of penetration testing

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