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CA Technologies

The challenge: Implementing consistent security controls, achieving compliance and protect the global client base

CA Technologies was seeking to undergo Cyber Essentials assessment and certification to demonstrate its level of security to a global client base.

CA Technologies manages IT environments ranging from mainframe and physical to virtual and cloud for a variety of clients. The organisation recognised that cyber threats do not acknowledge physical borders – the same threats facing CA Technologies UK clients, are also faced by global clients.

Cyber Essentials was identified as a strong framework to demonstrate commitment to secure IT operations for clients, as well as for suppliers and regulators. With a number of CA Technologies clients being multinational organisations, it was important to implement consistent security controls across the entire business; to protect systems, data and maintain its strong reputation.

Various global legal and regulatory frameworks have continued to develop, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and emphasizes the need for investments in security to protect data. By certifying CA Technologies established security practices against Cyber Essentials, it’s clients would have additional confidence about CA Technologies efforts to protect data, manage risk as well as achieving compliance requirements.

Case Study

Client Profile

CA Technologies is one of the world’s leading providers of IT management software and solutions. The business helps organisations to seize opportunities and thrive in the application economy.

Initial Engagement



Computer Software

Global Turnover

US $4.235 billion

Project Requirement

Cyber Essentials

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